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A great number of applicants and several simultaneous recruitment processes can be successfully managed with the web-based recruitment software d.vinci easy. This software allows you to get a quick overview of recruitment projects, create talent pools, manage applicants, organise assessments and pre-selection processes, etc.

Effective recruitment software helps to make the recruiting processes of your company more efficient and creates a professional and trust-worthy image of the company in the eyes of the candidates. You can let the recruitment software take care of routine activities and everything that can be automated, so that you yourself can focus on the most important thing – finding the very best candidate.


d.vinci easy – user friendly

The settings of the system define the software usage comfort. The software has a simple design, which allows the user to adapt quickly. The general complexity of the system depends on the structure of the company and the business needs. The software offers a responsive web design, which adjusts automatically to browser and enables to take care of your candidates in d.vinci easy comfortably on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  • tick-circle-redUser friendly;
  • tick-circle-redIn English, Estonian, German;
  • tick-circle-redResponsive web solution.

Recruitment software functionality

One of the main purposes of the software is to offer support in recruitment management and process efficiency. Keeping in mind the purpose, many activities are automated, i.e. the acknowledgement receipts and all general letters to candidates; the status updates of candidates during the process; advertising job advertisements in Lithuania’s largest job portals CV Online, CVBankas, and on the company’s website and most importantly all recruitment activities are done in one system. The software users can evaluate the candidates, move them from one recruitment process to another, recommend a good candidate to colleague, add keywords to differentiate candidates and save talents into talent pool. According to user rights it is possible to send an application for evaluation directly to the hiring manager or other relevant person involved in the recruitment.
  • tick-circle-redInterface to CV Online,, CVBankas, company’s website and intranet;
  • tick-circle-redAutomated actions;
  • tick-circle-redDifferent user rights.

Make your everyday work easy

For each candidate there will be a history with application information, actions made during the recruitment and comments. The software has a search function, which allows to search information using keywords and also free text search for key words from PDF or DOC files. The recruitment software enables to pull various reports with different filters, i.e. if you wish to see the date relevant to units, positions or statuses. In addition, it is possible to create an Excel file with all the data and work according to your needs.
  • tick-circle-redSearch function;
  • tick-circle-redHistory;
  • tick-circle-redReports.

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